Free Class: Living (Well!) with Gastroparesis at Thanksgiving


Of all of the holidays, I think Thanksgiving is one of the most challenging for GPers. After all, it’s a day that revolves around preparing and eating food — lots of food. If you’re feeling anxious or depressed about that, you’re not alone. But guess what?  You can celebrate and even enjoy Thanksgiving despite gastroparesis…it just takes a little know-how. […]

Be brave.


Since I started a “bravelets” fundraiser to support gastroparesis research and education, I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be “be brave.” I think we often equate fighting with bravery.  I certainly think fighting can be brave… more accurately, I think that one can fight bravely. But I also think that fighting can be a distraction from what […]

Group Coaching: Coping at the Holidays


The holidays can be a stressful time for people with gastroparesis, especially without the right tools and support. This is a three-week, online group coaching program led by Becky Stelwagen, LWWGP Coach & Mentor, to help you implement the information from two of my pre-recorded classes, Coping with Gastroparesis & Finding Joy at the Holidays and Self-care for Gastroparesis […]

Maybe stress isn’t so bad after all?


That may sound strange coming from someone who’s hosting a Coping, Stress & Anxiety Summit next week but I think many of us misunderstand the problem when it comes to “stress.” I certainly did… for a long time. The conventional wisdom is that stress is bad. We’ve been told that stress raises the risk of everything from […]

Living Incurably: Q&A with AshleyJane Kneeland


“Sick” is a fact. “Sickly” is a state of mind. You could be sitting in a hospital bed, wearing one of those horrid gowns connected to two IVs and a central line but still not be sickly.   ~Living Incurably Despite Chronic Illness I recently came upon a book called Living Incurably Despite Chronic Illness.  I finished […]

Personal Update: “Idiopathic” No More


When I was first diagnosed with gastroparesis, I longed to know why I had this condition. It had been labeled idiopathic, meaning “of unknown cause,” and I just couldn’t wrap my head around not having a reason. In the eleven years since then, I’ve been tested for all kinds of potential causes, from mercury poisoning to mesenteric ischemia to […]

Ask Crystal: What Is Iberogast?


In the “Ask Crystal” series, I answer reader questions via blog and video posts. To submit your own question, click here.  Question “What are your thoughts on Swedish bitters and Iberogast [for gastroparesis symptoms]?” – Huda Answer Huda, I’m glad you asked!  It’s been nearly six years since I first mentioned Iberogast on this blog […]

PlantFusion Complete Plant Protein vs. Vegan Orgain


In this video, I review the new PlantFusion ready-to-drink Complete Plant Protein and compare it to Vegan Orgain in the context of eating for and managing gastroparesis. Links Choosing a Meal Replacement Drink (video from 2011) SIBO, FODMAPs & GP (blog post and audio Q&A) Original Orgain Review Vegan Orgain Review Living (Well!) with Gastroparesis […]

Group Coaching for Healthier Eating: Starts October 1st

About this Program This is a three-week, online group coaching program led by Becky Stelwagen, LWWGP Coach & Mentor, to help you implement the information from the The Brighter Side of Eating for Gastroparesis class.  Becky will be offering support and accountability as you begin to add more nutrient-rich foods to your GP-friendly diet. The […]

Ask Crystal: Can I Get Off Reflux Meds?

New video Q&A up on the blog. All about gastroparesis, reflux, and acid reducing medications. Link in profile.

I get tons of gastroparesis-related questions via email and I’m not always able to answer each one individually. Instead I’m doing my best to answer as many reader-submitted questions as I can via blog and video posts, as a way to provide the information to as many people possible. I call this the “Ask Crystal” […]