Gastroparesis in the News

It’s not often that we see stories about gastroparesis in the news, so I wanted to share this fantastic clip from KABC-TV in Los Angeles.  It features GPer Kandra Burleson and her experience with the gastric pacemaker. 

The story cites statistics showing that the gastric neurostimulator decreases nausea and vomiting up to 80% and reduces hospital visits by 70%.   Like most others I’ve heard about, it appears to be working well for Kandra.  Five months post-surgery she’s gained 15 pounds and says she’s doing better every day.  The clip even shows her eating salad.  Congrats, Kandra!

Here’s the clip:

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    kandra burleson says

    the stimulator has given me more good than bad days, and that is such a relief. It hasn’t been the complete savior I had hoped for, but my docs say to give it a full year to a year and a half to see what the full benefits will be for me. If anyone is struggling or might be close to the surgery and has questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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    Hi Kandra,

    Thanks so much for your feedback. I actually have a few questions for you, so I’m going to send along an email. I’m glad to hear that your doing well and that the pacemaker has given significant relief, even if it’s not a total resolution. I’ve also heard that it can take a full year to realize the full benefits of the device, so definitely keep us posted!


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    Jeni Speed says

    I would like to know about your life with GP before pacemaker and then steps leading up to surgery and how things are now. Thank you

  4. 4

    GPadvocate says

    Hi Jeni, You can read about my personal journey via my posts in the “Personal Experience” category. Hope that helps! If you have specific questions or comments, feel free to post them.