Straight talk about eating with gastroparesis.

Confused about what and how to eat?

Eating for Gastroparesis: Guidelines, Tips & Recipes is a practical, easy-to-understand resource for managing gastroparesis symptoms and enhancing nutrition via dietary modifications. Written by Gastroparesis Patient-Advocate and AADP Certified Health & Nutrition Counselor, Crystal Saltrelli, this indispensable guide answers the most frequently asked questions about eating for gastroparesis, addresses common misconceptions, offers tips for symptom management and provides 50 gastroparesis-friendly recipes.

Eating for Gastroparesis: Guidelines, Tips & Recipes includes:

- The six guidelines of a GP-friendly diet
- A detailed list of GP-friendly foods
- Tips for enhancing nutrition
- Tips for minimizing symptoms
- Answers to common questions
- Safe and simple recipes – including soups, smoothies, breakfasts, desserts, and family-friendly dishes

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Review from…

“This is an immensely helpful book. Crystal Saltrelli is a Certified Health & Nutrition Counselor with gastroparesis herself. She knows how scary it is to get that initial diagnosis, and how little actual help we get from our doctors on how to live -and eat (well) — now . The book is well-written and chock full of helpful practical tips that will help you calm down and which will help alleviate your symptoms over time, and allow you to get back to a fuller life. The book even includes tips on how to eat out at restaurants – you CAN still go out with friends! Over half the book is GP-friendly recipes. GOOD recipes. I was diagnosed with gastroparesis approximately five years ago. I wish this book had been out when I was diagnosed as it took me a lot of time and research, and trial and error, to find most of this information on my own (and I’m a research geek). I bought the e-book when it came out and I have loved the recipes; I even learned some things I hadn’t been able to find out myself. Whenever I hear of someone with a new diagnosis, I point them to this book. I`ve also recommended it to friends and relatives, to help them understand my dietary limitations. I highly recommend it!”

Other Reader Comments:

“I got your book and it is wonderful! It has been a great help to me!” – R.C.

“I just purchased your e-book, Eating for Gastroparesis, and I highly recommend it to all gastroparetics. It’s fabulous!” – N.M.

“I purchased your eBook a while back and I love it!” – L.K.

“I just downloaded your book, read it cover to cover, and learned so much!” – M.S.

“I downloaded this to my Kindle last week. I can honestly say I learnt more from this [book] than any of my dieticians here in the UK! Fantastic reading.” – D.L.

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