FAQ Friday: Gastroparesis & Constipation

Though many people don’t like to talk about it, constipation is a common issue among those of us with gastroparesis. While in some cases constipation is the result of motility issues in the lower GI tract, most of the time it’s due to a combination of diet and lifestyle factors. The good news is that we can address and alleviate constipation with some of the same diet and lifestyle modifications that actually help to improve gastroparesis symptoms! Check out the video below for more info…


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    Sheila says

    Enjoyed your videos, what is your book & where can we get it? I don’t have GP I have chronic ideopathic nausea but they are treating it pretty much the same way. I have been on raglan for a while & they have me weaning off it now & I’m finding my intestines are sore. I think they are moving slower & it’s causing discomfort.