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    Natasha says

    My gastroenterologist, on advice of Dr. Pasricha at Stanford, noted the 40-50% improvement rate in both Botox and saline groups and speculated that the injection itself may have some merit. By his suggestion, I received pyloric saline injection when I had my second upper endoscopy for stomach biopsy and, sure enough, it helped tremendously. My digestion speed didn’t change much, but the level of bloating and pain I had before and after the injection was like night and day — I’ve only had a handful of days since the injection (nearly 3 years ago) as bad as the 8 months beforehand. Whether this was an impressive placebo effect or a genuine result of the saline injection is impossible to say, but Dr. Pasricha was excited to hear my good results and indicated he wanted to continue exploring saline as a treatment in itself. For a condition as intractable as GP, a nearly 50% chance of improvement is huge.

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    Crystal says

    Natasha, thanks for sharing. That’s so interesting! I’m going to ask my motility specialist about this next time I see him. (I agree with you: for me, a 50/50 chance is worth it!)

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    Natasha says

    If I ever have another endoscopy, I’ll definitely ask my doctor to read about saline injection. Saline costs next to nothing and should be safe. Dr. Pasricha speculated a little about why saline might help — possibly some stimulant effect, possibly by washing away some accumulation or chemical we aren’t aware of as gastroparesis-related at this time, possibly due to the needle itself rather than the injected fluid (like some kind of internal acupuncture).

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    Sue says

    My son just had his 5th botox injection yesterday. He was diagnosed at 16 and will be 19 soon. The botox injection has been a miracle remedy for him. Prior to his doctor recommending this treatment he would vomit up to 20 times a day and was in severe pain. The botox relieves the symptoms almost completely and will last about 6 months. I just wish it worked as well for everyone because it really is a very easy procedure and the results are unbelievable.

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    Brittany Stickler says

    I’m going for my first Botox injections next week! I’m a little, well, a lot nervous! I was diagnosed with GP 1 year ago and it has completely changed my health for the worse. I use to be a full time oncology nurse and had to give it up due to GP. There are no motility specialists in Idaho so I see a general GI doc to is so kind and caring! Wish me luck!

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    Monica52 says

    I had my first Botox injections in March of 2013. I have GP problems since Sept 2012 diagnosed in Dec 2012. Botox didn’t really help much at all. I am having it again in November 2014 again. I have the Gastric Pacemaker as well. I suffer from constant vomiting, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, early satisfaction, gas, Have not been able to find any relief from diet changes, medication and pacemaker surgery. My doctor suggested I try Botox once more so I agreed to it. I am not really nervous about it just hoping for some relief from my constant vomiting problems.